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#include "util/thread.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
class CodeResource;
class SharedState;
* Manages memory for code-based resources that are owned by Ruby objects,
* such as MachineCode instances, JIT code, FFI resources etc.
* These objects are not directly accessible via Ruby code, but are used by
* the VM to support the running of Ruby code. As such, these objects also
* need to be garbage collected, since references to these VM internal
* objects are only held by Ruby objects (e.g. methods); when the associated
* Ruby object is no longer reachable, these objects can also be collected.
* Unlike the other memory managers that manage memory for Ruby objects,
* objects managed by this class are created and destroyed using new and
* delete.
class CodeManager {
const static int cDefaultChunkSize = 64;
const static int cGCTriggerThreshold = 64 * 1024 * 1024;
* A chunk of memory used to store an array of references to CodeResource
* instances. Chunks also maintain a next pointer, so that a linked list
* of Chunks can be created for handling an arbitrarily large list of
* CodeResource references.
struct Chunk {
CodeResource** resources;
Chunk* next;
Chunk(int size);
utilities::thread::Mutex mutex_;
SharedState* shared_;
int chunk_size_;
Chunk* first_chunk_;
Chunk* last_chunk_;
Chunk* current_chunk_;
int current_index_;
int freed_resources_;
int total_allocated_;
int total_freed_;
int gc_triggered_;
size_t bytes_used_;
int freed_resources() {
return freed_resources_;
int total_allocated() {
return total_allocated_;
int total_freed() {
return total_freed_;
SharedState* shared() {
return shared_;
size_t& size() {
return bytes_used_;
CodeManager(SharedState* shared, int chunk_size=cDefaultChunkSize);
void add_resource(CodeResource* cr, bool* collect_now);
void clear_marks();
void sweep();
int calculate_size();
void add_chunk();
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