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#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
namespace rubinius {
class CompiledCode;
class State;
class VM;
class Tuple;
class BytecodeVerification {
CompiledCode* method_;
Tuple* ops_;
native_int total_;
int max_stack_allowed_;
int max_stack_seen_;
int32_t* stack_;
native_int locals_;
int max_stack_local_;
const char* fail_reason_;
int fail_ip_;
void fail(const char* reason, int ip) {
fail_reason_ = reason;
fail_ip_ = ip;
struct Section {
int sp;
int ip;
Section(int sp, int ip)
: sp(sp), ip(ip)
BytecodeVerification(CompiledCode* code);
bool verify(STATE);
bool verify_from(STATE, int sp, int ip, std::list<Section>& ips);
const char* failure_reason() { return fail_reason_; }
int failure_ip() { return fail_ip_; }
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