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namespace rubinius {
class CallFrame;
class Module;
class Class;
class Symbol;
class CompiledMethod;
class VM;
class Object;
class GlobalCacheEntry;
namespace Helpers {
void add_method(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Module* mod, Symbol* name, CompiledMethod* meth);
void attach_method(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Object* obj, Symbol* name, CompiledMethod* meth);
Object* const_get(VM*, Module* under, Symbol* name, bool* found);
Object* const_get(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Symbol* name, bool* found);
Object* const_missing(VM*, Module* under, Symbol* sym, CallFrame* call_frame);
void const_set(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Symbol* name, Object* val);
void const_set(VM*, Module* mod, Symbol* name, Object* val);
/** Locate method just as if sending. */
Object* locate_method_on(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Object* recv, Symbol* name, Object* priv);
Class* open_class(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Object* super, Symbol* name, bool* created);
Class* open_class(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Module* under, Object* super, Symbol* name, bool* created);
Module* open_module(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Symbol* name);
Module* open_module(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame, Module* under, Symbol* name);
void yield_debugger(VM*, CallFrame* call_frame);
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