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#include <sys/select.h>
#include <vector>
#include "util/thread.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
class SharedState;
namespace agent {
class VariableAccess;
class QueryAgent : public thread::Thread {
SharedState& shared_;
VM* state_;
bool running_;
int port_;
int server_fd_;
bool verbose_;
fd_set fds_;
int max_fd_;
int control_[2];
int loopback_[2];
std::vector<int> sockets_;
agent::VariableAccess* vars_;
const static int cBackLog = 10;
QueryAgent(SharedState& shared, VM* state);
void set_verbose() {
verbose_ = true;
bool running() {
return running_;
int port() {
return port_;
void add_fd(int fd) {
FD_SET(fd, &fds_);
if(fd > max_fd_) max_fd_ = fd;
void remove_fd(int fd) {
FD_CLR(fd, &fds_);
int loopback_socket() {
return loopback_[1];
int read_control() {
return control_[0];
int write_control() {
return control_[1];
void wakeup();
bool setup_local();
bool bind(int port);
void make_discoverable();
virtual void perform();
bool process_commands(int client);
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