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/* A CompiledFile represents a .rbc. This class understands the layout
* of a .rbc file. It can validate and load the body into a CompiledMethod
* object.
* CompiledFile::execute is a root stack frame in Rubinius. It's where
* primary execution begins, when the VM loads the loader.rbc and executes
* it. */
#include "compiled_file.hpp"
#include "marshal.hpp"
#include "arguments.hpp"
#include "call_frame.hpp"
#include "objectmemory.hpp"
#include "object_utils.hpp"
#include "builtin/staticscope.hpp"
#include "builtin/compiledmethod.hpp"
#include "builtin/class.hpp"
#include "builtin/thread.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
CompiledFile* CompiledFile::load(std::istream& stream) {
std::string magic, sum;
uint64_t ver;
stream >> magic;
stream >> ver;
stream >> sum;
stream.get(); // eat the \n
return new CompiledFile(magic, ver, sum, &stream);
Object* CompiledFile::body(STATE) {
UnMarshaller mar(state, *stream);
return mar.unmarshal();
bool CompiledFile::execute(STATE) {
TypedRoot<CompiledMethod*> cm(state, as<CompiledMethod>(body(state)));
GlobalLock::LockGuard lock(state->global_lock());
Dispatch msg(cm->name(), G(object), cm.get());
Arguments args(G(main), 0, 0);
cm.get()->scope(state, StaticScope::create(state));
cm.get()->scope()->module(state, G(object));
cm->execute(state, NULL, msg, args);
return true;
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