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# -*- ruby -*-
require 'rakelib/git'
namespace :rubyspec do
desc "Synchronize ./spec/ruby with a current clone of RubySpec"
task :sync do
unless dir = ENV['DIR']
raise "Use DIR= to specify a clone of rubyspec"
unless is_git_project dir, "rubyspec.git"
raise "#{dir} is not a rubyspec clone. Clone from 'git://'"
rm_rf "spec/ruby"
rm_rf "#{dir}/optional/capi/ext/rubyspec_version.h"
rsync "#{dir}/*", "spec/ruby"
cp "#{dir}/.gitignore", "spec/ruby"
version = Dir.chdir(dir) { `git log --pretty=oneline -1`[0..7] }
sh "git add spec/ruby/"
sh "git commit -m 'Updated CI specs to RubySpec #{version}.' spec/ruby"
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