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#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include "vm.hpp"
#include "config_parser.hpp"
#include "configuration.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
class ConfigParser;
class QueryAgent;
class SignalHandler;
* Thrown when unable to find Rubinius runtime directories.
class MissingRuntime : public std::runtime_error {
MissingRuntime(const std::string& str)
: std::runtime_error(str)
* Thrown when there is a bad signature on a kernel .rbc file.
class BadKernelFile : public std::runtime_error {
BadKernelFile(const std::string& str)
: std::runtime_error(str)
* The environment context under which Rubinius virtual machines are executed.
* Environment and configuration data is processed and stored in an Environment
* instance, which uses this information to bootstrap the VM. It also stores
* all runtime shared state.
class Environment {
int argc_;
char** argv_;
* Digest of the runtime and configuration files to keep the runtime
* and VM in sync.
uint64_t signature_;
// The Ruby library version with which the .rbc file is compatible.
int version_;
SignalHandler* sig_handler_;
std::string system_prefix_;
SharedState* shared;
VM* root_vm;
State* state;
ConfigParser config_parser;
Configuration config;
Environment(int argc, char** argv);
int argc() {
return argc_;
char** argv() {
return argv_;
void set_root_vm(VM* vm) {
root_vm = vm;
void setup_cpp_terminate();
std::string executable_name();
std::string system_prefix();
bool verify_paths(std::string prefix);
bool load_signature(std::string dir);
void load_vm_options(int argc, char** argv);
void load_argv(int argc, char** argv);
void load_kernel(std::string root);
void load_directory(std::string dir);
void load_platform_conf(std::string dir);
void load_conf(std::string path);
void load_string(std::string str);
void run_file(std::string path);
void load_tool();
void run_from_filesystem();
void boot_vm();
void halt(STATE);
void halt_and_exit(STATE);
int exit_code(STATE);
void start_signals();
void start_agent(int port);
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