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Add github task to aid in migration

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commit 6ea4f497f3733c6a54bfbf3fb7025f41dcd0a1c6 1 parent cd104c1
@evanphx evanphx authored
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11 Rakefile
@@ -100,6 +100,17 @@ task :default => %w[build vm:test] do
sh "bin/mspec ci --background --agent"
+task :github do
+ cur = `git config remote.origin.url`.strip
+ if cur == "git://"
+ sh "git config remote.origin.url git://"
+ puts "\nSwitch to git://"
+ else
+ sh "git config remote.origin.url"
+ puts "\nSwitch to"
+ end
# See vm.rake for more information
desc "Build everything that needs to be built at default level."
task :build => ["build:build", "gem_bootstrap"]
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