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Expand Up @@ -6,27 +6,6 @@ performance improvements, and help with documentation. Every contribution is
meaningful, so thank you for participating. That being said, here are a few
guidelines that we ask you to follow so we can successfully address your issue.

### Submitting Issues

Please include the following:

* The Rubinius version (`rbx -v`)
* Your OS (`uname -a`) RVM/rbenv/chruby/etc version or the commit hash from git
if you're building off of a clone
* Stack trace (preferably as a Gist, since they're easier to read.) If you can
add a failing spec, that's great!
* Please include the simplest possible reproduction you can. This last point is
vital to fixing issues.

If available, please also include the contents of the following files as a

* `configure.log`
* `config.rb`

These two files contain the output of the compilation process and the various
configuration options used (e.g. compiler options).

### Version Managers

We can *not* help you with any issues that might be caused by a Ruby version
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### Summary

### Reproduction

Please keep this as simple as possible.
Either include a script here or add a link to
a gist or a repository. If it's a repo, please
detail `how` to run the example in the `README`.

### Details

* `rbx -v`:
* `uname -a`:
* `config.rb` (as gist please, if relevant)
* `configure.log` (as gist please, if relevant)

### Stack Trace

(as gist please)

### Failing Spec

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