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### Summary
## Problem

### Reproduction
Please describe the problem here, try to keep it brief and clear.

Please keep this as simple as possible.
Either include a script here or add a link to
a gist or a repository. If it's a repo, please
detail `how` to run the example in the `README`.
## How to Reproduce

### Details
Please keep this as simple as possible and provide either a set of steps or a
script/application to reproduce this problem (and remove this sentence).

* `rbx -v`:
* `uname -a`:
* `config.rb` (as gist please, if relevant)
* `configure.log` (as gist please, if relevant)
## Configuration Details

### Stack Trace
* Output of `rbx -v`:
* Output of `uname -a`:
* Distribution name (in case of Linux/BSD):
* Contents of `config.rb` (as a Gist link):
* Contents of `configure.log` (as a Gist link):

(as gist please)
## Stack Trace

### Failing Spec
Use and replace this sentence with a link to said Gist.
In case of a SEGV please also include the GDB stack trace, see for more

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