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Commits on Oct 6, 2009
  1. Remove old profiling runs

    Evan Phoenix committed
  2. Remove lib/1.8.7, it's been merged into kernel

    Evan Phoenix committed
  3. Use better way of pop'ing exception handlers in the JIT

    Evan Phoenix committed
    It was possible to loose a pop_unwind because it was detected as dead
    code, which meant that handlers weren't being unregistered properly.
    This caused infinite loops checking handlers. This makes it so that JIT
    entry to codegen the landing pad of an exception handler causes the
    handlers list to be pop'd, so it can't reenter itself.
  4. Fix Fixnum#>> to not use wrapped bits

    Evan Phoenix committed
  5. Add boundary case to Fixnum#>>

    Evan Phoenix committed
  6. Update the release date

    Evan Phoenix committed
  7. Update prebuilt automatically

    Evan Phoenix committed
  8. Apply Pete Bevin's DATA support patch

    Evan Phoenix committed
  9. Floats and native ints for Array#pack

    Pete Bevin committed with Evan Phoenix
  10. Fix 0.12 release date and name

    Evan Phoenix committed
  11. Remove spec for deprecated method

    Evan Phoenix committed
  12. Add missing boundary spec for Fixnum#div

    Evan Phoenix committed
  13. Quiet GetoptLong specs properly

    Evan Phoenix committed
  14. Update stdlib to 1.8.7

    Evan Phoenix committed
  15. Fix Fixnum::div

    Evan Phoenix committed
  16. Add in old STDERR alias

    Evan Phoenix committed
  17. Get #div support ironed out

    Evan Phoenix committed
  18. Added ruby_version_is guard. See below.

    Brian Ford committed
    The previous ruby_bug guard is questionably correct. It is more accurate
    to say that MRI behavior changed than that the previous behavior was a
    bug that was fixed. The change in #1648 is more an API change than it is
    something like 1 + 2 == 4.
    Since all alternative implementations are expected to pass all ruby_bug
    guarded specs, the ruby_version_is guard also makes more sense, since
    the different behavior was added in 1.8.8dev.
  19. Fixed trailing whitespace.

    Brian Ford committed
  20. Added printers and options to compiler-ng.

    Brian Ford committed
Commits on Oct 5, 2009
  1. Enable build system specs.

    Brian Ford committed
  2. Improve type safety in the profiler

    Evan Phoenix committed
  3. Honor --llvm-path properly

    Evan Phoenix committed
  4. Refactored local variable store.

    Brian Ford committed
  5. Set local info for blocks in compiler-ng.

    Brian Ford committed
  6. Fixed includes to use correct relative paths.

    Brian Ford committed
  7. Enabled new dependency grapher.

    Brian Ford committed
    This does not use the caching scheme previously used because:
    1. only .c and .cpp files have dependency entries
    2. if a.cpp includes a.hpp which includes b.hpp and b.hpp is
       modified to include c.hpp, the dependencies for a.cpp need
       to be recalculated.
    This scenario is not handled by the caching method because there
    is no connection between a.cpp and b.hpp except in the list of
    dependencies that are mapped by the dependency grapher.
    Since the dependency grapher processes all files and caches the
    result of parsing each included file, the dependency grapher runs
    in ~2.5 seconds on a 2.8GHz MBP.
  8. Added DependencyGrapher.

    Brian Ford committed
Commits on Oct 2, 2009
  1. @dbussink

    More tags cleanup

    dbussink committed
  2. @dbussink
  3. @dbussink
  4. Fix Compile::TextGenerator#add arity to match Compiler::Generator, fi…

    Ian Leitch committed
    …xes describing bytecode for fast math operators and fast generic methods
Commits on Oct 1, 2009
  1. Return the right default object

    Evan Phoenix committed
  2. Fix condition

    Evan Phoenix committed
  3. Fix typo

    Evan Phoenix committed
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