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EBADF sometimes occuring during rdoc / ri phase of gem install #106

dbussink opened this Issue · 1 comment

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This is what happens sometimes during a gem install:

Successfully installed json_pure-1.2.0
Successfully installed rubyforge-2.0.3
Successfully installed hoe-2.3.3
3 gems installed
Installing ri documentation for json_pure-1.2.0...
Installing ri documentation for rubyforge-2.0.3...
Installing ri documentation for hoe-2.3.3...
ERROR: While executing gem ... (EBADF)
Bad file descriptor - read(2) failed
Assertion failed: (0), function lock, file vm/util/thread.hpp, line 309.

I haven't been able to reproduce this reliably, if i can get more information out of it, I'll add it to this issue.


This has likely been fixed.

This issue was closed.
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