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Oddities with comparison and Time#usec in a test #1076

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This one's a little odd. We're using a version of acts_as_trashable to delete and restore database objects, and we have a test that goes a little bit like:

related_instance = model_instance.association
# Destroys the model & related instances in the DB, moves them to trashed_records

# Restore the model_instance and related_instance objects
restored_instance = model_class.restore_from_trash(

assert_equal(related_instance, restored_instance.association)

That assert_equal fails under Rubinius 2.0.0pre, but passes in JRuby 1.5.1 and MRI 1.8.7p302

I narrowed it down to the updated_at attributes of the two instances not evaluating as equal, and sure enough the two Time objects had different values for #usec.

The odd part is that if I inspect the value of the #usec attribute in MRI and JRuby before testing for equality, the test fails, just like rubinius! But if I don't, then the test passes. It's almost as though the value of usec is being lazily fetched, or something equally weird.


I looked at the implementation of MRI's Time#<=> and it does not lazily fetch usec. Perhaps this is a timing issue? What is the string value of the updated_at attribute? Does it even include usec?


@lupine Is this still an issue with Rubinius 2.0.0.rc1?


I'm closing this one since it hasn't seen any activity for a long time and doesn't really give us any information to go on. If this is still a problem, please open an issue! If you could provide a reproduction in that case, that would be great :).

@dbussink dbussink closed this
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