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Slow performance of spawning many Fibers #1478

tarcieri opened this Issue · 5 comments

4 participants

Tony Arcieri Charles Oliver Nutter Dirkjan Bussink Evan Phoenix
Tony Arcieri

Simple code example:

This spawns 100,000 Fibers one-at-a-time, running each fiber to completion immediately after it's spawned. After a Fiber has been run to completion I would expect it no longer consumes system resources.

MRI plows through this example, consistently taking 5ms each time it spawns 1000 Fibers.

On rbx, the amount of time it takes to run the example increases with the number of Fibers spawned. At first it takes 12ms to spawn 1000 fibers, but this number quickly goes up. By the time it's spawned 100000 fibers it's taking nearly 1.5 seconds instead of 12ms.

Tony Arcieri

Some additional info:

I tried to trace this problem down with Instruments. I think it might be related to heap fragmentation, because according to instruments most of the time was spent in malloc. Here's a couple screenshots from the Instruments profiler:

Charles Oliver Nutter

It looks like a leak. On my system, memory grows without bounds. The lag is probably from growing heaps or increased GC times in the old generation.

Tony Arcieri

Confirmed. I changed the name of the ticket as such.

Evan Phoenix evanphx was assigned
Dirkjan Bussink

Is this still an issue with the new Fibers?

Tony Arcieri

Nope, new fibers look good!

Tony Arcieri tarcieri closed this
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