segv in kgio's extension #1516

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benburkert commented Jan 16, 2012

I'm periodically hitting this crash on my 2.0 build:


benburkert commented Jan 17, 2012

forgot to mention, i'm running in 1.9 mode. maybe this is a bug in kgio?


rue commented Jan 17, 2012

kgio itself works fine in 1.9 (MRI), though it could naturally still be a problem on that side. The crash is frequent, but not constant? Any further details, is this on startup?


brixen commented Jan 28, 2012

@benburkert any chance we can see the code you're running?


dbussink commented Aug 4, 2012

Does this still happen? Right now it lacks information for us to reproduce this so we can fix it. Can you provide additional information if this is still happening?


dbussink commented Nov 28, 2012

There isn't really anything actionable in here and also no recent activity. Since a lot of bugs have been fixed in the mean while I'm closing this one. If you still experience this problem, please let us know! It would also be great if there would be a way for us to reproduce it then.

dbussink closed this Nov 28, 2012


jc00ke commented Nov 28, 2012

@benburkert please hit us up on #2006 as kgio is in our list of gems w/C-exts to support.

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