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rue commented Jan 6, 2010

Eye-of-the-beholder suggestions to further improve the new site design. It is, on the whole, very nice, but these things caught my eye:

In the logo section, the whitespace is not balanced. The top navigation is good,
but the logo text could either be a bit smaller and further to the left, allowing
dropping the rc2 tab downward, or then the kerning could be increased a bit. The
font is slightly awkward against the logo r - and maybe a lowercase rubinius would
be better. Alternatively since the logo r is not used as part of the name (which is
another option), the whitespace between it and the name should be increased

The tagline colour-matched to the reflection, slightly smaller/italicised/script
font. I am not a big fan of the light-blue abstract horizontal, particularly the
colour but also the whitespace around it. The first three-column section is good,
though the grey could be a bit darker. The "fold" effect should be removed,
possibly by hitching the blue panel up a bit to clearly indicate continuation.

That below-the-fold section is otherwise good except for the (lack of) whitespace around the "high-level overview" header.


evanphx commented Mar 30, 2010

Added to internal comments.

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