FAKEROOT is broken #1757

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voxik commented May 30, 2012

Installation into custom folder, needed for RPM packaging is broken due to bed9da6. Due to this commit, Rubinis is expected to be already installed. I was not able to find reasonable way around :(

brixen commented Jul 31, 2012

Rubinius now has support for a relocatable executable. It also supports building with a prefix relative to the staging directory. The one requirement is that all paths must be relative to a single prefix (which in the degenerative case can be /). In other words, you cannot change the relative relationship of runtime directories after building.

To build Rubinius relative to a prefix and create a tarball or package from a staging directory without installing, use the following steps:

  1. ./configure --prefix=/path/to/final/installation --preserve-prefix
  2. rake build
  3. cd source_dir/staging
  4. {tar, zip, package} the directory or directories
  5. {untar, unzip, install} relative to / to use the configured prefix, or at some other location

There is a shortcut to this process if just building a binary.

  1. rake package:binary will create a zip with default prefix /usr/local/rubinius/#{version}
  2. RBX_BINARY_PREFIX=/some/other/prefix rake package:binary will use /some/other/prefix
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voxik commented Sep 7, 2012

Seems that the lines following [1] are not correct. They are not reflecting --preserve-prefix and other customized filesystem paths IMO.

[1] https://github.com/rubinius/rubinius/blob/master/rakelib/install.rake#L220

@voxik voxik added a commit to voxik/rubinius that referenced this issue Sep 7, 2012
@voxik voxik Use configured path for header installation (#1757). 923e542
@voxik voxik added a commit to voxik/rubinius that referenced this issue Sep 27, 2012
@voxik voxik Introduce --libprefixdir configuration option.
This configuration option allows to specify directory, into which will
be palced lib, kernel and runtime sub-directories, which have to be in the
same folder (this precondition was broken due to fix for #1757).

It alows to restore the standard meaning of --libdir configuration
option, i.e. the standard system library directory instead of location
of Rubinius lib sub-directory.

Runinius lib, kernel and runtime subdirectory names are not configurable
@roshats roshats added a commit to roshats/rubinius that referenced this issue Jun 26, 2014
@voxik @roshats voxik + roshats Use configured path for header installation (#1757). 2cb8bcd
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