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IO#getc and IO#ungetc in 1.9-mode #1847

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Scott Olson Brian Shirai
Scott Olson

In MRI 1.9, getc returns single-character Strings rather than Fixnums and ungetc works with both fixnums and strings.

In rbx 1.9-mode, getc returns Fixnums and ungetc works only with Fixnums. Even some code in kernel/common/io19.rb itself depends on the Fixnum-returning behaviour of getc.

I tried to fix getc myself but I think encodings make it more complicated, and I don't know anything about dealing with encodings.

Brian Shirai

This is rather complicated at the moment. IO uses an internal buffer that needs to be encoding aware for transcoding. Also, @evanphx is supposed to be rewriting the IO buffering implementation to address performance issues.

I'll see if I can patch something in so at least #getc works.

Brian Shirai brixen closed this issue from a commit
Brian Shirai brixen Fixed IO#getc, #ungetc for 1.9. Fixes #1847.
This is a hack. I will be replacing IO buffering soon.
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