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I'm trying to build rubinius on a Mac with Mountain Lion and I got the error:

$ ./configure --default-version=1.9
Checking gcc: found
Checking g++: found
Checking bison: found
Configuring LLVM...
  Checking for existing LLVM library tree: found!

Checking sizeof(short): 2 bytes
Checking sizeof(int): 4 bytes
Checking sizeof(void*): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(size_t): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(long): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(long long): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(float): 4 bytes
Checking sizeof(double): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(off_t): 8 bytes
Checking sizeof(time_t): 8 bytes
Checking for libc version: libc.dylib found!
Checking platform endianness: little endian
Checking tr1/hash definition: found
Checking for x86_32: no
Checking for x86_64: yes
Checking for function 'backtrace': found!
Checking for function 'readline': found!
Checking for library: libyaml: Compiling configure test program failed.

Compiling configure test program failed. Please check configure.log for more details.

And the configure.log had the following error:

[2012-08-27 21:37:25] found!
[2012-08-27 21:37:25] Checking for library: libyaml: 
[2012-08-27 21:37:25] ---
#include <yaml.h>
int main() { void* ptr = (void*)(&yaml_parser_initialize); return 0; }
[2012-08-27 21:37:25] g++    -o rbx-configure-test rbx-configure-test.cpp -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib -lstdc++ -lm -lyaml >>/Users/ricardohsd/Work/Github/rubinius/configure.log 2>&1
rbx-configure-test.cpp:1:18: error: yaml.h: No such file or directory
rbx-configure-test.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:
rbx-configure-test.cpp:2: error: ‘yaml_parser_initialize’ was not declared in this scope
[2012-08-27 21:37:25]*** ERROR Compiling configure test program failed.

Can anyone show what I'm doing wrong?

Rubinius member

brew install libyaml

Rubinius member

Or you can install with MacPorts, etc. If you already have libyaml installed in a non-standard location, you may need to provide configure flags. See configure --help and look at eg --with-include-dir and --with-lib-dir.

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