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`Error trying to compile 'lib/19/date.rb'` #1897

jeremyvdw opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Stacktrace here:

Crash occurred after having launched Resque workers with Foreman, when first job is being received for processing.


A few questions:

Is the code somewhere available for us to run? If we can't reproduce the issue, it is probably almost impossible to fix this, because we can't investigate properly then. If you can provide steps how we can reproduce this issue, that would help us tremendously in fixing this.

Does it happen each time reliably? So does it happen on each run?

Did you try latest master? If not, could you try it to see if it happens there too?


I understand that but I can't provide the code.

I've tried on head and rvm's 2.0-testing and it happens on each run.
I'm working on a test case to isolate the problem (stack: rails 3, mongoid, foreman and resque).


If you can provide us a repro, that would be great! Otherwise I suspect it's going to be almost impossible for us to investigate what is going on.


@jeremyvdw Could you give us any more information? Or perhaps extract your setup so we have something to run? Otherwise we can't address this issue.


Sadly I've tried to reproduce this bug on an isolated project without success..

Since we changed our stack a bit on the project (and removed C extensions), I didn't even get the error again so far.
Good news is, we are now able to run the app fully on rbx.

I think it's fine to close this issue.


I'd rather not just ignore the problem and act like it never existed. It means that we apparently have bugs floating somewhere that we now can't catch anymore. Is it possible to set up the old version that gave problems so perhaps one of us has access for this specific case so you don't have to publish anything?


@jeremyvdw great to hear that it's running fine on rbx now! Would you have a list of the C extensions you were using and just a skeleton of the setup with Resque and Foreman? That may give us enough to audit.

Otherwise, we can close this issue. I'm sure we'll see the bug in another context if it still exists.


@jeremyvdw any news or this should be closed? Thanks!


Does not seem like we'll be able to do anything useful with this ticket.

@jeremyvdw please let us know if you run into any more issues.

@brixen brixen closed this
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