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uninitialized constant Object:: #1922

steveklabnik opened this Issue Sep 24, 2012 · 2 comments

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Rubinius member

This comes out of this failure in Resque:!/defunkt/resque/jobs/2550172

Basically: defunkt/resque@07f49f9#L1R36

Test::Unit::AssertionFailedError: <"uninitialized constant NoJobDefinition"> expected but was
55<"Missing or uninitialized constant: Object::NoJobDefinition">.

Yes, should be testing this at a lower level maybe, but the point is that rbx shouldn't prefix this with Object::.

ghost commented Sep 24, 2012

Why not, and what should it do instead? Object::NoJobDefinition is technically correct.

ghost commented Sep 24, 2012

Technically correct if NoJobDefinition is a top level constant, of course. you didn't seem to say.

@dbussink dbussink closed this in 0fcb78a Sep 27, 2012
@dcondomitti dcondomitti pushed a commit to dcondomitti/resque that referenced this issue Nov 7, 2013
@steveklabnik steveklabnik Fix build on rbx.
Uncovered an rbx bug, and filed a report:

Until it's fixed, we'll have to test this way.
@roshats roshats added a commit to roshats/rubinius that referenced this issue Jun 26, 2014
@dbussink dbussink Only prefix const_missing in the message of it's not in Object
Fixes #1922
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