FFI::Library#attach_function issue when used in conjunction with typedef #2065

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nibua-r commented Nov 30, 2012

After a simple workaround for #2064 (see the following gist).


nibua-r referenced this issue in larskanis/libusb Dec 1, 2012


Doc improvements #5


nibua-r commented Dec 2, 2012

My assumption is that the problematic combo is:

typedef :pointer, :libusb_device_handle
attach_function 'libusb_set_configuration', [:libusb_device_handle, :int], :int, :blocking=>true
  • the failure do not occured for prior attach_function calls not involving typedefed args.

brixen commented Jan 9, 2013

We now bundle a 1.2.0 version of the FFI gem, however, there is a bug in RVM that omits the pre-installed gems. So if using RVM, use the recently released 1.3.0 FFI gem which builds correctly on Rubinius.

Please report to the FFI project https://github.com/ffi/ffi/issues if this is still an issue when using the FFI gem.

brixen closed this Jan 9, 2013

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