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Crash when saving to MongoDB via Mongoid 3 #2151

robkuz opened this Issue Feb 11, 2013 · 6 comments

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robkuz commented Feb 11, 2013


please see the gist and the accompanied error log for more information on the programm and crash

ciao robertj

Rubinius member

Which version of Rubinius are you running? And on which platform? I've tried with latest master here and that worked fine for me.


I can't replicate this either:

[14:13][jnh@Bucket]~/Dev/tmp/rbx_mongoid_test$ ruby -v mongoid_test.rb ; echo $?
rubinius 2.0.0.rc1 (1.9.3 1dd2e999 yyyy-mm-dd JI) [x86_64-apple-darwin12.2.1]
stouset commented Mar 21, 2013

Could have been a broken version of rbx-head?


eminently plausable.

stouset commented Mar 21, 2013

Can't be replicated, plausible alternative explanation, no activity in a month. Close?

@jc00ke jc00ke closed this Mar 21, 2013


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