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[ENHANCEMENT] Add variable listing command to rbx console #2197

hron84 opened this Issue · 9 comments

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It would be useful if i can list variables from rbx console. No documentation about it and no way to guess what variables available from console - e.g. for getting stats like


BTW, you can discover what is possible in the follow way:

console> get .
var . = [

Would be could to better document though. "get ." could be added for example to the help text if you type "help" when opening a console.

I'd rather not hardcode these variables in documentation, but allow for better error messages and easier discovery of what exactly you can do with the agent console.


@dbussink i agree this way too. So if i do get system. I will do similar list, but in system namespace?


@hron84 Yeah, get system will show you what options that has etc. One thing that would be awesome for this would be something like tab completion, no idea how hard that would be to implement though :).


@dbussink btw, did you know if I trying fetch nonexistent variable rbx console just hangs? Or it is a new bug? rev 6263cb95


@hron84 Yeah, looks like it hangs. That sounds like a bug we should probably fix because that can be pretty annoying :).

@dbussink dbussink referenced this issue from a commit
@dbussink dbussink Remove unused Ruby Agent side
We don't have anything of this at the Ruby side atm, so removing it for
now. We should see how we want to handle this in the future and set it
up properly.

Fixes the hang mentioned in #2197
@dbussink dbussink closed this in 8a298a5

@dbussink i just thinking: if there will be a solution like cd system; get . it would be make easy the navigation from cli... but it's just a crazy idea.
Another idea: make an alias ls to do same thing as get does, but appending a dot for the argument. So, saying it with bash: ls() { get $1. }


Feel free to play and create a pull request for additional features to discuss them. One thing I have thought about myself is tab completion for names, so you can use that to browse them.


Tab completion is even better, but I agree it's not so easy to implement. ls and cd is easier because uses existing infrastructure without big changes - 'til completion is being implemented.

I'm thinking to getting familiar with rbx internals, but I do not have too much time for it - sadly.

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