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Date._parse has different arity than 1.9.3 #2241

wulftone opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I ran into an issue with Date._parse using ruby-american_date where the arity of _parse caused some confusion. In rbx's time.rb, the arity of _parse is 3.

The confusion is from here where Jeremy is effectively replacing _parse/3 with _parse/2, which is fine for MRI, but rbx proceeds to try and call _parse/3 from the regular parse method from time.rb.

I've made a fix for it and a spec that fails without my fix, but I'm not sure if the Rubinius team cares about preserving the arity of each function in MRI...?

@kachick kachick referenced this issue from a commit in kachick/rubinius
@kachick kachick Adjust Date._parse API. Fixes #2241 1a09993

Thanks for that, that's better than my own solution. Is this getting merged?

@wulftone wulftone referenced this issue in jeremyevans/ruby-american_date

Fix for Rubinius 2.0 #7

mjc commented

This has cropped up again after the rubysl changes.


@wulftone mind setting up a quick little repro? Gist is fine. Thanks!


Do we have any repro for this, and does the problem still occur to begin with?

mjc commented

IIRC loading the american date gem and then trying to do Date.parse("01/02/2013") would trigger it.

I'm pretty sure this was fixed shortly after I commented on it.

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