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sendmesg (blocking) of class BasicSocket crashes the thread of the thread pool #2362

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ruby -v
rubinius 2.0.0.rc1 (1.8.7 96db2d8e yyyy-mm-dd JI) [x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu]

uname -a
Linux donald 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.41-2+deb7u2 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The error occurs with the method "sendmesg" (blocking) of class BasicSocket on Ruby rubinius, but does not occur on RMI Ruby 1.9.3-p392 (rvm). RMI Ruby 2.0.0-p0 (rvm) works partially. See bug report

The error does not occur with the method "send" (non-blocking) of class BasicSocket on above Rubinius version (rvm), Ruby 1.9.3-p392 (rvm) and Ruby 2.0.0-p0 (rvm).

The bug can be reproduced with the code found in the following gist.

How to reproduce the error:


ruby halfsync_halfasync.rb

on second terminal (unix):

telnet localhost 10001

on Windows use telnet client e.g. putty and make sure to configure putty as passive ("Connection->Telnet->Telnet negotiation mode: Passive")

What the code does:

  • It implements the halfsync_halfasync design-pattern (see references in the code).

  • An EchoAcceptor is registered with the reactor to accept connection setup.

  • A thread pool is started waiting for tasks to be retrieved from a shared queue
  • Upon connection-setup of the telnet the EchoAcceptor is called and registers an EchoServerHandler with the Reactor to handle data received via the connection from the telnet client.
  • Upon reception of data via the telent connection, the EchoServerHandler assembles data until a newline (\n or \r\n) is received. When that is received, the whole line is put into the shared queue.
  • The first thread from the thread pool waiting grabs the received data and the socket from the shared queue and in line 50/51 adds the thread-ID, the number of messages handled by that thread and sends it as a reply to the sender using the received socket.

  • What to expect as output:
    Upon entering e.g. text "!1234" and pressing return

  • On Ruby 1.9.3-p392 on Linux:
    See the as response the thread ID, the number of messages within the thread and the text.

  • On rubinius 2.0.0.rc1 (1.8.7 96db2d8 yyyy-mm-dd JI) [x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu]:
    No response to telnet is sent, but the sending thread crashes.

  • Everything works fine, if instead of blocking send (line 50/51) the non-blocking send (line 52/53) is used. However correct implementation of the halfsync-halfasync pattern, requires reasonably the usage of blocking "sendmesg" in thread pool.

  • I have to apologize that the program to reproduce the error is slightly large and complicated, but I believe that there is value, when ruby is able to run well known design patterns correctly.

  • A similar bug is filed for Ruby MRI here:

  • A similar bug is filed for JRuby here:


Looks like this problem in Rubinius is basically that BasicSocket#sendmsg is missing and hasn't been implemented yet:

@jc00ke jc00ke referenced this issue in rubysl/rubysl-socket

missing recvmsg_nonblock and sendmsg_nonblock #4


Moving over to rubysl/rubysl-socket#4

@jc00ke jc00ke closed this
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