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jineshkj commented Jan 4, 2014

I am getting the following error while running a TCP Echo Server given at (second one):

[jinesh@jinesh-dell-xps EchoServer]$ ruby echo.rb
An exception occurred running echo.rb:

undefined method `tcp_server_loop' on Socket (Class) (NoMethodError)


Kernel(Class)#tcp_server_loop (method_missing) at kernel/delta/kernel.rb:78
Object#script at echo.rb:7
Rubinius::CodeLoader#load_script at kernel/delta/code_loader.rb:66
Rubinius::CodeLoader.load_script at kernel/delta/code_loader.rb:201
Rubinius::Loader#script at kernel/loader.rb:649
Rubinius::Loader#main at kernel/loader.rb:831

My ruby version is:

[jinesh@jinesh-dell-xps EchoServer]$ ruby --version
rubinius 2.2.3.n365 (2.1.0 a8f6212 2013-12-31 JI) [x86_64-linux-gnu]

ghost commented Jan 5, 2014

it looks like rubinius may have not implemented this method.

jineshkj commented Jan 7, 2014

Thanks @robgleeson. So, what next ? Can I expect this to be implemented ?

ghost commented Jan 7, 2014

yeah, when someone finds the time or passion to give it a shot, it may be implemented :) you could always try too if you're curious.


Fixed by the recent release of rubysl-socket, see for more information. These changes are available as of Rubinius 3.3.

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