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Prefix all rbc file names with a '.' #295

postmodern opened this Issue May 15, 2010 · 1 comment

2 participants


Prefixing all compiled rbc files with a . would help hide them from the (power-)users and significantly de-clutter directories/home-dirs. Prefixing additional cache file names with a . is a common strategy used by many text-editors and file processors.

Rubinius member
evanphx commented May 18, 2010

Python has pyc files in the same vein and they're provide to be no big deal. There is a flag to disable .rbc file generate which can be used (-Xcompiler.no_rbc) if the user is really sick of them. Prefixing them with a . to hide them in certain contexts introduces other issues, thusly, I'd prefer to leave them as visible. If you have an alternate proposal, please let us know.

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