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TypeError in string interpolation (when #to_s does not return a String) #34

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LH 765 by shugo.

Rubinius handles the following script differently from MRI. Is it intensional?

$ cat t.rb
x =
def x.to_s
  return 1
p "#{x}"
$ ruby-1_8_6 -v t.rb
ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-08 patchlevel 286) [i686-linux]
$ rbx -v t.rb     
rubinius 0.11.0-dev (ruby 1.8.6) (eabf5ec7d 12/31/2009) [i686-pc-linux-gnu]
An exception has occurred:
      Tried to use non-reference value 0x3 as type String (48) (TypeError)

            Compiler::Utils.single_load at kernel/compiler/compile.rb:245
    Compiler::Utils.load_from_extension at kernel/compiler/compile.rb:323
                      Object#__script__ at kernel/loader.rb:240

  # We also do not handle any case where #to_s does not actually return a
  # String instance.

So yes, it seems that it's intentional.


Umm, just realized you wrote the comment I quoted. So uhh.. yeah.

Rubinius member

This is particularly hairy because we call #to_s in the bytecode, so by the time the string construction starts, we've lost the object we called #to_s on to use the fallback.

We'd have to call out to a helper that calls #to_s and checks the return value. Thats expensive since this almost never happens anyway.

I wonder if I shouldn't just take the value, and if it's not a string, return it as one. So in your example case, the value would be "1", since we'd render the 1.

Perhaps I'll just do that.

Rubinius member

Use a fallback conversion in string_build. Closed by 33daa62.

This issue was closed.
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