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segfaults/OOM when hitting a process with too many signals #356

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The following code behaves erratically when hitting a process
a lot of signals. I've seen it eat several gigs of memory
and I've also seen it segfault once or twice, too. Sometimes it runs fine, too I couldn't
get any behavior consistently, but insane memory growth seem to be the most common.

r, w = IO.pipe
pid = fork do
  sr, sw = IO.pipe
  trap(:TERM) { exit(0) }
  trap(:HUP) { sw.write_nonblock('.') rescue nil }
  loop { sr.readpartial(16384) }

p [ :child_ready,  r.sysread(1) ]
100000000.times { Process.kill(:HUP, pid) }
Process.kill(:TERM, pid)
p Process.waitpid2(pid)
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Rework how signals are delivered. Closed by e4c92f8

This issue was closed.
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