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FFI crashes when callback is not the last parameter #817

lyro opened this Issue Apr 12, 2011 · 1 comment

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lyro commented Apr 12, 2011

When passing a callback to an ffi-bound function and this callback is not the last parameter, rubinius crashs when passing the callback, even if the callback itself is never called. Example:

The C-code:

/* mytest.c */
typedef void (*callback)();
void function(callback cb, int x) { }

and the ruby-code:

# test.rb
require 'ffi'

module Lib
    extend FFI::Library
    ffi_lib "./"

    callback :test_callback, [], :void
    attach_function :function, [:test_callback, :int], :void

p ={}
Lib::function(p, 42)

And rubinius crashes:

% ruby test.rb

Rubinius Crash Report #rbxcrashreport

Error: signal SIGSEGV


Note that everything works fine if the second parameter int x is dropped

Rubinius member

This should have been fixed by @jeremyz

@dbussink dbussink closed this Apr 16, 2012
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