memcache-client test suite does not work on Rubinius #84

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mperham commented Nov 22, 2009

Looks like TCPSocket does not support non-blocking reads?

NoMethodError: No method 'prim_read' on an instance of TCPSocket.
kernel/delta/kernel.rb:49:in `prim_read (method_missing)'
kernel/common/io.rb:1120:in `read_nonblock'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:1120:in `rbuf_fill'
/Users/mike/git/rubinius/lib/net/protocol.rb:116:in `readuntil'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:1137:in `gets'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:373:in `set {}'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:857:in `with_socket_management'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:370:in `set {}'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:878:in `with_server'
./test/../lib/memcache.rb:361:in `set'
./test/test_benchmark.rb:47:in `test_benchmark {}'
kernel/common/integer.rb:135:in `times'
./test/test_benchmark.rb:46:in `test_benchmark {}'
/Users/mike/git/rubinius/lib/benchmark.rb:296:in `measure'
/Users/mike/git/rubinius/lib/benchmark.rb:380:in `report (item)'
./test/test_benchmark.rb:45:in `test_benchmark {}'
/Users/mike/git/rubinius/lib/benchmark.rb:177:in `benchmark'
/Users/mike/git/rubinius/lib/benchmark.rb:208:in `bm'
./test/test_benchmark.rb:39:in `test_benchmark'
kernel/bootstrap/array.rb:156:in `each'
kernel/bootstrap/array.rb:156:in `each'

To reproduce, start memcached locally ('memcached -d'), gem install memcache-client and then run "rake" in the gem source to run the test suite.

evanphx commented Nov 23, 2009

Looks like we've broken some nonblock methods. We'll get on that.

evanphx commented Nov 24, 2009

Fixed this in commit 8f9c2c5.

This issue was closed.
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