configure can sometimes remove /dev/null and make Snow Leopard Unstable (requiring a reboot to recover) #85

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In order to duplicate,

Step 1, install latest Xcode
Step 2, install brew
Step 2, install llvm from brew
Step 2, install rvm (not sure if this is related, doubt it)
Step 3, git clone rubinus as root, then ./configure --enable-lvm

should take about 30seconds and eventually it spews and you'll find the system is now unstable, /dev/null is missing, and the easiest way to fix said issue is to reboot Snow Leopard.

FYI running SL 10.6.2, with Ruby 1.8.7 p72 (stock ruby)

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We'll need the output from configure, rake, and the tests to try and fix this. In addition, we need to know if brew has introduced an error.

Since you're on 10.6.2, you actually don't need to build LLVM your own. 'configure' will automatically download a prebuilt LLVM for you to use. Please remove llvm from brew and try this and see if you still get this problem. If it goes away, please update the ticket with information on what version of LLVM brew installed.

If you not installing rubinius via rvm, it's not related.

Rubinius member

Don't have gcc write to /dev/null, it's stupid. Closed by 067335a.

Seems that -o /dev/null in gcc causes it to truncate and replace
/dev/null, rather than writing to it like a shell would. Oops.

This issue was closed.
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