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There is a new URL for rvm, we now have a CONTRIBUTING file and rbx not only will support 1.9.2 but also 1.9.3 (which it partly does already).

Any objections to the changes?


We support 1.9.2? I thought we just support 1.9.3?

Changes look good to me.

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Details default The Travis build is in progress

Either way it sounds funny because I'd rather call it 1.9 support and 2.0 next.

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Commits on Sep 18, 2012
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    Update for README file

    burningTyger authored
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@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ Ruby core library is written almost entirely in Ruby. Rubinius provides the
same standard libraries as Matz's Ruby implementation (MRI). Rubinius also
provides C-API compatibility for native C extensions.
-Rubinius currently is compatible with Ruby version 1.8.7. Support for Ruby
-version 1.9.2 is coming soon.
+Rubinius currently is compatible with Ruby version 1.8.7. Full support for Ruby
+version 1.9.3 is coming soon.
Rubinius runs on Mac OS X and many Unix/Linux operating systems. Support for
Microsoft Windows is coming soon.
@@ -57,8 +57,7 @@ To make Rubinius the default interpreter in new shells, run:
The documentation for RVM is available at:
5. Using RubyGems
@@ -82,5 +81,5 @@ Please file tickets for bugs or problems. The issue tracker is:
8. Contributing
-The Rubinius team welcomes contributions. Run 'rake docs' and see the
-"Contributing" page.
+The Rubinius team welcomes contributions. For more information read the
+CONTRIBUTING file in the root directory of Rubinius.
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