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The links ont he markdown documents in rubinius/web/doc/en kept throwing File not found errors when I would click on them. It was easy enough to figure out where they were going and click through manually bit I figured it would be nice to correct them

@scottshea scottshea Changed the links on the `/doc/en/*.markdown` to be relative so that …
…they will accurately point to the correct file in the sub dirs

carlosgaldino commented Mar 27, 2013

did you try generating the site to see if the links will work there as well?


dbussink commented Mar 27, 2013

Could you also please change the commit message to have a better markup? There's a section in the contributing guidelines:

Please add a * detailed commit message. Here is a fantastic example by
@ryoqun 1f9ddd1
The preference is for a (max) 50 character summary as line one, a blank line,
then any number of lines, no longer than 80 characters.

In general it's a good metric also to see how Github renders it. If it has to break off the message, it's better to split it up into the short description and longer paragraphs for explanation.


brixen commented Apr 19, 2013

I'm puzzled by this PR. Those links should not point to markdown files. There are no markdown files in the generated site.

Could you explain?

My apologies this was due to a total misunderstanding on my part. I am closing this PR.

scottshea closed this Apr 21, 2013

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