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autotypes.cpp Fix 64bit MACROs
basic_block.hpp Reorganize the JIT classes
cfg.hpp Added JIT handling for new branch instructions.
control_flow.hpp Revert "Removed most rubinius:bug calls from JIT."
detection.cpp Merge pull request #3191 from gustavotemple/detection-ppc64-name
detection.hpp Make sure to load config so RBX_LLVM_API_VER is available
disassembler.cpp Port to LLVM 3.5
disassembler.hpp Port to LLVM 3.5
inline.cpp Fixed MachineCode::jitted_p predicate name.
inline.hpp Renamed some vm files to be consistent.
inline_block.cpp Switched to normal Thread for JIT.
inline_block.hpp Emit block in uncommon exit path when inside an inlined block
inline_policy.hpp Reworked handling JIT failures.
inline_primitive.cpp Reworked handling JIT failures.
jit_block.cpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
jit_block.hpp Removed old method, block JIT code.
jit_builder.cpp Reworked handling JIT failures.
jit_builder.hpp Port to LLVM 3.5
jit_compiler.cpp Revert "Removed most rubinius:bug calls from JIT."
jit_compiler.hpp Switched to normal Thread for JIT.
jit_context.cpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
jit_context.hpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
jit_inline_block.cpp Fixed (un)signed comparisons.
jit_inline_block.hpp Fixed inlining blocks.
jit_inline_method.cpp Fixed (un)signed comparisons.
jit_inline_method.hpp Fixed inlining generic methods.
jit_memory_manager.cpp Fixes #3134 causing linker error due to undefined references
jit_memory_manager.hpp Port to LLVM 3.5
jit_method.cpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
jit_method.hpp Removed old method, block JIT code.
jit_operations.hpp Use WeakRef to link SingletonClass to object.
jit_runtime.cpp Ensure to only return object in saw_object if object moved
jit_runtime.hpp Unify write barrier access
jit_util.cpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
jit_visit.hpp Fixed -Xjit.profile. Closes #3212.
local_info.hpp Improve type handling for locals
method_info.cpp Switched to normal Thread for JIT.
method_info.hpp Remove usage of MachineCode::parent
offset.hpp Added keywords, arity to CompiledCode.
opcode_iter.hpp Reworked handling JIT failures.
passes.cpp Port to LLVM 3.5
passes.hpp Float prims, Inline interface cleanup
stack_args.hpp Reorganize the JIT classes
state.cpp Set stack size for internal threads.
state.hpp More JIT thread fixes.
types.cpp Teach the JIT about responds_to? caches and inline directly
types.hpp Fix type for value
types32.cpp.gen Use older-LLVM compatible API.
types32.ll Added keywords, arity to CompiledCode.
types64.cpp.gen Use older-LLVM compatible API.
types64.ll Added keywords, arity to CompiledCode.
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