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=== rubuildius zsh hack ===

  based on matzbot and
  plugins/git.rb is the only modified file

Currently most files are hardcoded for my box

== relevant information

* interesting files:
  + bin/*
  + matzbot/plugins/git.rb
  + repo/rubinius/HEAD [empty-dir]

* bin/rubinius.zsh
  + bin/pastie_client needs active_support!
  + bin/nopaste is default for now

* everything needs to be in ~/continious

* continious/repo/rubinius/HEAD should contain a git checkout.
  + this one will be updated and then cloned to speed things up and not eat bandwidth

* I launch it like this:
  + ./launch.rb -u rubinius -n rubuildius -m 'rubinius_build_bot' -c rubinius

* gets usr2 signal via cronjob
  + */5 * * * * kill -USR2 `cat HOME/continuous/matzbot/`

* occasionally I run bin/cleanup.zsh to get save some space
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