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Chef SRPMs build script

This script fetches chef package sources from RPM repositories and creates SRPMS from Opscode's Chef master branch.

Either Fedora or RHEL/CentOS/SL (x86_64) is required to use this script.

If you want to build binary packages also, you will need pkg-wizard's buildbot. See Usage section for more details.

Prepare the environment

If you are trying to build in RHEL5/CentOS5/SL5, you must install newer versions of ruby (1.8.7) and rubygems (>= 1.3.2) first. Up to date packages are available at You will also need EPEL repo to install Git.

First, we need to install some tools and build dependencies:

 yum install rpmdevtools rubygems ruby-devel gcc gcc-c++ make which rpmdevtools git rpm-build mock
 gem install pkg-wizard rake rest-client merb-core merb-slices merb-assets merb-helpers 
 gem merb-haml moneta bunny uuidtools rspec rake cucumber jeweler gemcutter

Check out the sources

Check out the build script sources:

git clone git://


Change to the builder directory

cd chef-rpms-builder

Without build-bot (binary RPMS won't be created)

ruby chef-rpms-builder --quiet

Use "--quiet" if you don't want to see debug output

If you want to use pkg-wizard's buildbot (see to create binary RPMS:

ruby chef-rpms-builder --quiet --use-buildbot --rhel5

This will build packages using a build-bot in localhost using rbel5 mock profiles.