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"Adventure" from the Atari 2600 remade for virtual reality
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Adventure VR Main Project
Essential Information
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"Adventure" from the Atari 2600 remade for virtual reality

A. Read this page first

It is an explination of how the dragons work from the creator of the original game. The post after that details exactly how the game functions. If you change any scrips in this project, make sure they still follow those rules or the game will not be true to the original game.

B. Open the "Essential Information" folder and have a look around.

It shows how the maps work and how teleporting has to behave. Again, keep this core functionality intact because that is exactly how the original behaved. This information comes from trial and error testing the original game with an atari 2600 emulator.

The emulator and original game is included.

C. "Adventure VR Main Project" is the latest version of the project I have. It uses Unity 4.3.2f1 I think. If the project doesn't work properly in Unity 5, Download Unity 4.3.2 here

Note: the "Old Versions" folder contains another version of the game. I can't remember whats different from it and the main project but I feel like I shoud include it anyway just in case.

////// To Do List //////

  1. Make the bat work according to the priority list from "Essential Information/notes1.jpg". It works like the dragons except it can pick up and drop objects, never stops, and is constantly moving.

  2. Add the famous easter egg

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