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HedgeTrade Platform Token
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LICENSE Update re-mint address. Apr 1, 2019

HedgeTrade "HEDG" Token v2

ERC-20 Token Genesis

Learn more at:
Etherscan link:

Official Token Contract Address:


Official Token Details:

Decimals: 18
Symbol: HEDG

We have built a single-purpose secure Smart Contract for the HEDG Genesis event. It creates a set number of tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and provides functionality for freezing, burning, transferring and more ERC-20 standard functions. It has been built using the Dappsys framework.

The contract has the following features:

1. Initial owner set
2. Start/Stop security function
3. Use of Ethereum/Solidity best practices
4. Burnable tokens for security
5. Based on the Dappsys framework 
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