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# download to `/var/tmp/ignorelist`
wget -O /var/tmp/ignorelist
# or copy to `/var/tmp/ignorelist`
cp ./rsync-homedir-excludes.txt /var/tmp/ignorelist

# edit the file /var/tmp/ignorelist to your needs
nano /var/tmp/ignorelist

# define a Backup directory, for example:

# first append the “-n” parameter rsync will simulate the operation. you should use this before you start:
rsync -naP --exclude-from=/var/tmp/ignorelist /home/$USER/ $BACKUPDIR

   #check for permission denied errors in your homedir: rsync -naP --exclude-from=/var/tmp/ignorelist /home/$USER/ $BACKUPDIR|grep denied

  # if it is all fine, start your backup with rsync -aP --exclude-from=/var/tmp/ignorelist /home/$USER/ $BACKUPDIR

You can edit the ignorelist file before execution as it serves you well:

  • At the start, there is a section with directories, probably not worth a backup. Uncomment those lines to exclude them as well.

  • All lines starting with a # are being ignored.

  • The syntax doesn't support comments at the end of a line yet.