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An extension of RuboCop focused on code performance checks.
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RuboCop Performance

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Performance optimization analysis for your projects, as an extension to RuboCop.


Just install the rubocop-performance gem

gem install rubocop-performance

or if you use bundler put this in your Gemfile

gem 'rubocop-performance'


You need to tell RuboCop to load the Performance extension. There are three ways to do this:

RuboCop configuration file

Put this into your .rubocop.yml.

require: rubocop-performance

Now you can run rubocop and it will automatically load the RuboCop Performance cops together with the standard cops.

Command line

rubocop --require rubocop-performance

Rake task do |task|
  task.requires << 'rubocop-performance'

The Cops

All cops are located under lib/rubocop/cop/performance, and contain examples/documentation.

In your .rubocop.yml, you may treat the Performance cops just like any other cop. For example:

    - lib/example.rb


Checkout the contribution guidelines.


rubocop-performance is MIT licensed. See the accompanying file for the full text.

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