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This release is mostly about fixing bugs, but it also features a few prominent changes:

  • Cops are now namespace aware, which would it make it simpler to write RuboCop extensions without worrying about name collisions (e.g. you can now have Style/Filename and RSpec/Filename cops).
  • There's now logic which prevents auto-corrections from generated invalid Ruby code.
  • The Rubocop module was renamed to RuboCop, which will affect packages relying on RuboCop's public API.

Below is the list of all the gory details. Enjoy!

New features

  • #1117: BlockComments cop does auto-correction. (@jonas054)
  • #1124: TrivialAccessors cop auto-corrects class-level accessors. (@ggilder)
  • #1062: New cop InlineComment checks for inline comments. (@salbertson)
  • #1118: Add checking and auto-correction of right brackets in IndentArray and IndentHash. (@jonas054)


  • #1097: Add optional namespace prefix to cop names: Style/LineLength instead of LineLength in config files, --only argument, --show-cops output, and # rubocop:disable. (@jonas054)
  • #1075: More strict limits on when to require trailing comma. (@jonas054)
  • Renamed Rubocop module to RuboCop. (@bbatsov)

Bugs fixed

  • #1126: Fix --auto-gen-config bug with RegexpLiteral where only the last file's results would be used. (@ggilder)
  • #1104: Fix EachWithObject with modifier if as body. (@geniou)
  • #1106: Fix EachWithObject with single method call as body. (@geniou)
  • Avoid the warning about ignoring syck YAML engine from JRuby. (@jonas054)
  • #1111: Fix problem in EndOfLine with reading non-UTF-8 encoded files. (@jonas054)
  • #1115: Fix Next to ignore super nodes. (@geniou)
  • #1117: Don't auto-correct indentation in scopes that contain block comments (=begin..=end). (@jonas054)
  • #1123: Support setter calls in safe assignment in ParenthesesAroundCondition. (@jonas054)
  • #1090: Correct handling of documentation vs annotation comment. (@jonas054)
  • #1118: Never write invalid ruby to a file in auto-correct. (@jonas054)
  • #1120: Don't change indentation of heredoc strings in auto-correct. (@jonas054)
  • #1109: Handle conditions with modifier ops in them in ParenthesesAroundCondition. (@bbatsov)