@bbatsov bbatsov released this Sep 5, 2015 · 3741 commits to master since this release

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Apart from the usual myriad of bugfixes, improvements and new cops,
this version introduces a results caching functionality. This
functionality will speed up tremendously consecutive RuboCop runs on
the same codebase.

Another news to share with you - the project now has a crowdfunding
campaign here. If you like RuboCop
you might consider supporting its development.


New features

  • #2143: New cop Performance/CaseWhenSplat will identify and rearange case when statements that contain a when condition with a splat. (@rrosenblum)
  • New cop Lint/DuplicatedKey checks for duplicated keys in hashes, which Ruby 2.2 warns against. (@sliuu)
  • #2106: Add SuspiciousParamNames option to Style/OptionHash. (@wli)
  • #2193: Style/Next supports more Enumerable methods. (@rrosenblum)
  • #2179: Add --list-target-files option to CLI, which prints the files which will be inspected. (@maxjacobson)
  • New cop Style/MutableConstant checks for assignment of mutable objects to constants. (@bbatsov)
  • New cop Style/RedudantFreeze checks for usages of Object#freeze on immutable objects. (@bbatsov)
  • #1924: New option --cache and configuration parameter AllCops: UseCache turn result caching on (default) or off. (@jonas054)
  • #2204: New cop Style/StringMethods will check for preferred method to_sym over intern. (@imtayadeway)


  • #1351: Allow class emitter methods in Style/MethodName. (@jonas054)
  • #2126: Style/RescueModifier can now auto-correct. (@rrosenblum)
  • #2109: Allow alignment with a token on the nearest line with same indentation in Style/ExtraSpacing. (@jonas054)
  • Lint/EndAlignment handles the case keyword. (@lumeet)
  • #2146: Add STDIN support. (@caseywebdev)
  • #2175: Files that are excluded from a cop (e.g. using the Exclude: config option) are no longer being processed by that cop. (@bquorning)
  • Rails/ActionFilter now handles complete list of methods found in the Rails 4.2 release notes. (@MGerrior)
  • *2138: Change the offense in Style/Next to highlight the condition instead of the iteration. (@rrosenblum)
  • Style/EmptyLineBetweenDefs now handles class methods as well. (@unmanbearpig)
  • Improve handling of super in Style/SymbolProc. (@lumeet)
  • Style/SymbolProc is applied to methods receiving arguments. (@lumeet)
  • #1839: Remove Rainbow monkey patching of String which conflicts with other gems like colorize. (@daviddavis)
  • Style/HashSyntax is now a bit faster when checking Ruby 1.9 syntax hash keys. (@bquorning)
  • Lint/DeprecatedClassMethods is now a whole lot faster. (@bquorning)
  • Lint/BlockAlignment, Style/IndentationWidth, and Style/MultilineOperationIndentation are now quite a bit faster. (@bquorning)

Bug Fixes

  • #2123: Fix handing of dynamic widths Lint/FormatParameterMismatch. (@edmz)
  • #2116: Fix named params (using hash) Lint/FormatParameterMismatch. (@edmz)
  • #2135: Ignore super and zsuper nodes in Style/SymbolProc. (@bbatsov)
  • #2165: Fix a NPE in Style/Alias. (@bbatsov)
  • #2168: Fix a NPE in Rails/TimeZone. (@bbatsov)
  • #2169: Fix a NPE in Rails/Date. (@bbatsov)
  • #2105: Fix a warning that was thrown when enabling Style/OptionHash. (@wli)
  • #2107: Fix auto-correct of Style/ParallelAssignment for nested expressions. (@rrosenblum)
  • #2111: Deal with byte order mark in Style/InitialIndentation. (@jonas054)
  • #2113: Handle non-string tokens in Style/ExtraSpacing. (@jonas054)
  • #2129: Handle empty interpolations in Style/SpaceInsideStringInterpolation. (@lumeet)
  • #2119: Do not raise an error in Style/RescueEnsureAlignment and Style/RescueModifier when processing an excluded file. (@rrosenblum)
  • #2149: Do not register an offense in Rails/Date when Date#to_time is called with a time zone argument. (@maxjacobson)
  • Do not register a Rails/TimeZone offense when using Time.new safely. (@maxjacobson)
  • #2124: Fix bug in Style/EmptyLineBetweenDefs when there are only comments between method definitions. (@lumeet)
  • #2154: Performance/StringReplacement can auto-correct replacements with backslash in them. (@rrosenblum)
  • #2009: Fix bug in RuboCop::ConfigLoader.load_file when safe_yaml is required. (@eitoball)
  • #2155: Configuration EndAlignment: AlignWith: variable only applies when the operands of = are on the same line. (@jonas054)
  • Fix bug in Style/IndentationWidth when rescue or ensure is preceded by an empty body. (@lumeet)
  • #2183: Fix bug in Style/BlockDelimiters when auto-correcting adjacent braces. (@lumeet)
  • #2199: Make rubocop exit with error when there are only Lint/UnneededDisable offenses. (@jonas054)
  • Fix handling of empty parentheses when auto-correcting in Style/SymbolProc. (@lumeet)