@bbatsov bbatsov released this Jul 23, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • #6105: Support {a,b} file name globs in Exclude and Include config. (@mikeyhew)

  • #6116: Add ip to allowed names of Naming/UncommunicativeMethodParamName cop in default config. (@nijikon)

Bug fixes

  • #6103: Fix a false positive for Layout/IndentationWidth when multiple modifiers are used in a block and a method call is made at end of the block. (@koic)
  • #6084: Fix Naming/MemoizedInstanceVariableName cop to allow methods to have leading underscores. (@kenman345)
  • #6098: Fix an error for Layout/ClassStructure when there is a comment in the macro method to be auto-correct. (@koic)
  • #6115: Fix a false positive for Lint/OrderedMagicComments when using { encoding: Encoding::SJIS } hash object after frozen_string_literal magic comment. (@koic)