@bbatsov bbatsov released this Dec 5, 2018 · 127 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • #6457: Support inner slash correction on Style/RegexpLiteral. (@r7kamura)
  • #6475: Support brace correction on Style/Lambda. (@r7kamura)
  • #6469: Enforce no parentheses style in the Style/MethodCallWithArgsParentheses cop. (@gsamokovarov)
  • New cop Performance/OpenStruct checks for OpenStruct.new calls. (@xlts)

Bug fixes

  • #6433: Fix Ruby 2.5 Layout/RescueEnsureAlignment error on assigned blocks. (@gmcgibbon)
  • #6405: Fix a false positive for Lint/UselessAssignment when using a variable in a module name. (@itsWill)
  • #5934: Handle the combination of --auto-gen-config and --config FILE correctly. (@jonas054)
  • #5970: Make running --auto-gen-config in a subdirectory work. (@jonas054)
  • #6412: Fix an unknown keywords error when using Psych.safe_load with Ruby 2.6.0-preview2. (@koic)
  • #6436: Fix exit status code to be 130 when rubocop is interrupted. (@deivid-rodriguez)
  • #6443: Fix an incorrect autocorrect for Style/BracesAroundHashParameters when the opening brace is before the first hash element at same line. (@koic)
  • #6445: Treat yield and super like regular method calls in Style/AlignHash. (@mvz)
  • #3301: Don't suggest or make semantic changes to the code in Style/InfiniteLoop. (@jonas054)
  • #3586: Handle single argument spanning multiple lines in Style/TrailingCommaInArguments. (@jonas054)
  • #6478: Fix EmacsComment#encoding to match the coding variable. (@akihiro17)
  • Don't show "unrecognized parameter" warning for inherit_mode parameter to individual cop configurations. (@maxh)
  • #6449: Fix a false negative for Layout/IndentationWidth when setting EnforcedStyle: rails of Layout/IndentationConsistency and method definition indented to access modifier in a singleton class. (@koic)
  • #6482: Fix a false positive for Lint/FormatParameterMismatch when using (digit)$ flag. (@koic)
  • #6489: Fix an error for Style/UnneededCondition when if condition and then branch are the same and it has no else branch. (@koic)
  • Fix NoMethodError for Style/FrozenStringLiteral when a file contains only a shebang. (@takaram)
  • #6511: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Style/EmptyCaseCondition when used as an argument of a method. (@koic)
  • #6509: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Style/RaiseArgs when an exception object is assigned to a local variable. (@koic)
  • #6534: Fix a false positive for Lint/UselessAccessModifier when using private_class_method. (@dduugg)
  • #6545: Fix a regression where Performance/RedundantMerge raises an error on a sole double splat argument passed to merge!. (@mmedal)
  • #6360: Detect bad indentation in if nodes even if the first branch is empty. (@bquorning)


  • #6492: Auto-correct chunks of comment lines in Layout/CommentIndentation to avoid unnecessary iterations for rubocop -a. (@jonas054)