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@Drenmi Drenmi released this Feb 10, 2019 · 127 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #6704: Add new Rails/ReflectionClassName cop. (@Bhacaz)
  • #6643: Support AllowParenthesesInCamelCaseMethod option on Style/MethodCallWithArgsParentheses omit_parentheses. (@dazuma)

Bug fixes

  • #6254: Fix Layout/RescueEnsureAlignment for non-local assignments. (@marcotc)
  • #6648: Fix auto-correction of Style/EmptyLiteral when is passed as the first argument to super. (@rrosenblum)
  • #6351: Fix a false positive for Layout/ClosingParenthesisIndentation when first argument is multiline. (@antonzaytsev)
  • #6689: Support more complex argument patterns on Rails/Validation auto-correction. (@r7kamura)
  • #6668: Fix autocorrection for Style/UnneededCondition when conditional has the unless form. (@mvz)
  • #6382: Fix Layout/IndentationWidth with Layout/EndAlignment set to start_of_line. (@dischorde, @siegfault, @mhelmetag)
  • #6710: Fix Naming/MemoizedInstanceVariableName on method starts with underscore. (@pocke)
  • #6722: Fix an error for Style/OneLineConditional when then branch has no body. (@koic)
  • #6702: Fix TrailingComma regression where heredoc with commas caused false positives. (@abrom)
  • #6737: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Rails/LinkToBlank when link_to method arguments are enclosed in parentheses. (@koic)
  • #6720: Fix detection of :native line ending for Layout/EndOfLine on JRuby. (@enkessler)


  • #6597: Style/LineEndConcatenation is now known to be unsafe for auto-correct. (@jaredbeck)
  • #6725: Mark Style/SymbolProc as unsafe for auto-correct. (@drenmi)
  • #6708: Make Style/CommentedKeyword allow the :yields: RDoc comment. (@bquorning)
  • #6749: Make some cops aware of safe navigation operator. (@hoshinotsuyoshi)
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