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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Apr 4, 2019 · 197 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #5184: Add new multiline element line break cops. (@maxh)
  • Add new cop Rails/ActiveRecordOverride that checks for overriding Active Record methods instead of using callbacks. (@elebow)
  • Add new cop Rails/RedundantAllowNil that checks for cases when allow_blank makes allow_nil unnecessary in model validations. (@elebow)
  • Add new Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName cop. (@AdrienSldy)

Bug fixes

  • #6761: Make Naming/UncommunicativeMethodParamName account for param names prefixed with underscores. (@thomthom)
  • #6855: Fix an exception in Rails/RedundantReceiverInWithOptions when the body is empty. (@ericsullivan)
  • #6856: Fix auto-correction for Style/BlockComments when the file is missing a trailing blank line. (@ericsullivan)
  • #6858: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Lint/ToJSON when there are no to_json arguments. (@koic)
  • #6865: Fix deactivated StyleGuideBaseURL for Layout/ClassStructure. (@aeroastro)
  • #6868: Fix Rails/LinkToBlank auto-correct bug when using symbol for target. (@r7kamura)
  • #6869: Fix false positive for Rails/LinkToBlank when rel is a symbol value. (@r7kamura)
  • Add IncludedMacros param to default rubocop config for Style/MethodCallWithArgsParentheses. (@maxh)
  • #6785: Do not register an offense for Rails/Present or Rails/Blank in an unless else context when Style/UnlessElse is enabled. (@rrosenblum)


  • #6854: Mark Rails/LexicallyScopedActionFilter as unsafe and document risks. (@urbanautomaton)
  • #5977: Warn for Performance Cops. (@koic)
  • #6637: Move LstripRstrip from Performance to Style department and rename it to Strip. (@anuja-joshi)
  • #6875: Mention block form of in Style/StructInheritance. (@XrXr)
  • #6871: Move Performance/RedundantSortBy, Performance/UnneededSort and Performance/Sample to the Style department. (@bbatsov)
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