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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Apr 29, 2019 · 154 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #6973: Add always_braces to Style/BlockDelimiter. (@iGEL)
  • #6841: Node patterns can now match children in any order using <>. (@marcandre)
  • #6928: Add --init option for generate .rubocop.yml file in the current directory. (@koic)
  • Add new Layout/HeredocArgumentClosingParenthesis cop. (@maxh)
  • #6895: Add support for XDG config home for user-config. (@Mange, @tejasbubane)
  • Add initial autocorrection support to Metrics/LineLength. (@maxh)
  • Add Layout/IndentFirstParameter. (@maxh)
  • #6974: Make Layout/FirstMethodArgumentLineBreak aware of calling using super. (@koic)
  • Add new Lint/HeredocMethodCallPosition cop. (@maxh)

Bug fixes

  • Do not annotate message with cop name in JSON output. (@elebow)
  • #6914: Fix an error for Rails/RedundantAllowNil when with interpolations. (@Blue-Pix)
  • #6888: Fix an error for Rails/ActiveRecordOverride when no parent_class present. (@diachini)
  • #6941: Add missing absence validations to Rails/Validation. (@jmanian)
  • #6926: Allow nil values to unset config defaults. (@dduugg)
  • #6946: Allow Rails/ReflectionClassName to use string interpolation for class_name. (@r7kamura)
  • #6778: Fix a false positive in Style/HashSyntax cop when a hash key is an interpolated string and EnforcedStyle is ruby19_no_mixed_keys. (@tatsuyafw)
  • #6902: Fix a bug where Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName would handle an only first rescue for multiple rescue groups. (@tatsuyafw)
  • #6860: Prevent auto-correct conflict of Style/InverseMethods and Style/Not. (@hoshinotsuyoshi)
  • #6935: Layout/AccessModifierIndentation should ignore access modifiers that apply to specific methods. (@deivid-rodriguez)
  • #6956: Prevent auto-correct confliction of Lint/Lambda and Lint/UnusedBlockArgument. (@koic)
  • #6915: Fix false positive in Style/SafeNavigation when a modifier if is safe guarding a method call being passed to break, fail, next, raise, return, throw, and yield. (@rrosenblum)
  • #6822: Fix Lint/LiteralInInterpolation autocorrection for single quotes. (@hoshinotsuyoshi)
  • #6985: Fix an incorrect auto-correct for Lint/LiteralInInterpolation if contains array percent literal. (@yakout)


  • #6966: Mark Rails/TimeZone as unsafe. (@vfonic)
  • #5977: Remove Performance cops. (@koic)
  • Add auto-correction to Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName. (@anthony-robin)
  • #6903: Handle variables prefixed with _ in Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName cop. (@anthony-robin)
  • #6917: Bump Bundler dependency to >= 1.15.0. (@koic)
  • Add --auto-gen-only-exclude to the command outputted in rubocop_todo.yml if the option is specified. (@dvandersluis)
  • #6887: Allow Lint/UnderscorePrefixedVariableName cop to be configured to allow use of block keyword args. (@dduugg)
  • #6885: Revert adding psych >= 3.1 as runtime dependency. (@andreaseger)
  • Rename Layout/FirstParameterIndentation to Layout/IndentFirstArgument. (@maxh)
  • Extract method call argument alignment behavior from Layout/AlignParameters into Layout/AlignArguments. (@maxh)
  • Rename IndentArray and IndentHash to IndentFirstArrayElement and IndentFirstHashElement. (@maxh)
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