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@bbatsov bbatsov released this Sep 30, 2019 · 40 commits to master since this release

New features

  • #7274: Add new Lint/SendWithMixinArgument cop. (@koic)
  • #7272: Show warning message if passed string to Enabled, Safe, SafeAutocorrect, and AutoCorrect keys in .rubocop.yml. (@unasuke)
  • #7295: Make it possible to set StyleGuideBaseURL per department. (@koic)
  • #7301: Add check for calls to remote_byebug to Lint/Debugger cop. (@riley-klingler)
  • #7321: Allow YAML aliases in .rubocop.yml. (@raymondfallon)
  • #7317: Add new formatter pacman. (@crojasaragonez)
  • #6075: Support IgnoredPatterns option for Naming/MethodName cop. (@koic)
  • #7335: Add todo as an alias to disable. --disable-uncorrectable will now disable cops using rubocop:todo instead of rubocop:disable. (@desheikh)

Bug fixes

  • #7256: Fix an error of Style/RedundantParentheses on method calls where the first argument begins with a hash literal. (@halfwhole)
  • #7263: Make Layout/SpaceInsideArrayLiteralBrackets properly handle tab-indented arrays. (@buehmann)
  • #7252: Prevent infinite loops by making Layout/SpaceInsideStringInterpolation skip over interpolations that start or end with a line break. (@buehmann)
  • #7262: Lint/FormatParameterMismatch did not recognize named format sequences like %.2<name>f where the name appears after some modifiers. (@buehmann)
  • #7253: Fix an error for Lint/NumberConversion when #to_i called without a receiver. (@koic)
  • #7271, #6498: Fix an interference between Style/TrailingCommaIn*Literal and Layout/Multiline*BraceLayout for arrays and hashes. (@buehmann)
  • #7241: Make Style/FrozenStringLiteralComment match only true & false. (@tejasbubane)
  • #7290: Handle inner conditional inside else in Style/ConditionalAssignment. (@jonas054)
  • #5788: Allow block arguments on separate lines if line would be too long in Layout/MultilineBlockLayout. (@jonas054)
  • #7305: Register Style/BlockDelimiters offense when block result is assigned to an attribute. (@mvz)
  • #4802: Don't leave any Lint/UnneededCopEnableDirective offenses undetected/uncorrected. (@jonas054)
  • #7326: Fix a false positive for Style/AccessModifierDeclarations when access modifier name is used for hash literal value. (@koic)
  • #3591: Handle modifier if/unless correctly in Lint/UselessAssignment. (@jonas054)
  • #7161: Fix Style/SafeNavigation cop for preserve comments inside if expression. (@tejasbubane)
  • #5212: Avoid false positive for braces that are needed to preserve semantics in Style/BracesAroundHashParameters. (@jonas054)
  • #7353: Fix a false positive for Style/RedundantSelf when receiver and multiple assigned lvalue have the same name. (@koic)
  • #7353: Fix a false positive for Style/RedundantSelf when a self receiver is used as a method argument. (@koic)
  • #7358: Fix an incorrect autocorrect for Style/NestedModifier when parentheses are required in method arguments. (@koic)
  • #7361: Fix a false positive for Style/TernaryParentheses when only the closing parenthesis is used in the last line of condition. (@koic)
  • #7369: Fix an infinite loop error for Layout/IndentAssignment with Layout/IndentFirstArgument when using multiple assignment. (@koic)
  • #7177, #7370: When correcting alignment, do not insert spaces into string literals. (@buehmann)
  • #7367: Fix an error for Style/OrAssignment cop when then branch body is empty. (@koic)
  • #7363: Fix an incorrect autocorrect for Layout/SpaceInsideBlockBraces and Style/BlockDelimiters when using multiline empty braces. (@koic)
  • #7212: Fix a false positive for Layout/EmptyLinesAroundAccessModifier and UselessAccessModifier when using method with the same name as access modifier around a method definition. (@koic)


  • #7312: Mark Style/StringHashKeys as unsafe. (@prathamesh-sonpatki)
  • #7275: Make Style/VariableName aware argument names when invoking a method. (@koic)
  • #3534: Make Style/IfUnlessModifier report and auto-correct modifier lines that are too long. (@jonas054)
  • #7261: Style/FrozenStringLiteralComment no longer inserts an empty line after the comment. This is left to Layout/EmptyLineAfterMagicComment. (@buehmann)
  • #7091: Style/FormatStringToken now detects format sequences with flags and modifiers. (@buehmann)
  • #7319: Rename IgnoredMethodPatterns option to IgnoredPatterns option for Style/MethodCallWithArgsParentheses. (@koic)
  • #7345: Mark unsafe for Style/YodaCondition. (@koic)
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